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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big deal about fiber?

What makes fiber optic lines special is their ability to transmit a lot of data very quickly. Our daily lives on the internet involve sending and receiving a lot of data. This could be photos, video, texts, or music. Fiber makes it possible for that transmission of data to happen much quicker. This means quicker access to entertainment, education, or employment. It also means more people can use the connection at once, which is important as more of our daily activities move online. 

Will having fiber automatically improve my internet?

Having fiber may improve the reliability of your connection because it's not as susceptible to different forms of interference. However, if your bandwidth isn’t adequate for your needs then you’ll still have a poor internet experience. If you’re subscribed to a 10 Mbps plan that isn't enough for your needs, and you stay at the same 10 Mbps after your location has been upgraded to fiber, then data is still going to be sent and received at that same speed. Your experience isn’t going to improve without a faster speed.

Why isn't my address included in the planned areas?

Our long-term goal is to build a fiber optic broadband network throughout the Basin. This is a tall order, and some areas are easier or cheaper to build than others. Some areas allow us to reach many more locations and impact more customers. There are a lot of reasons why a particular location might not be included in our immediate plans, but we want to know where the demand exists. If enough people indicate their interest, it may be able to influence our construction plans. 

How soon will construction start after reaching our goal?

Periodically throughout the year, we will select two areas to build fiber to. The variable logistics of fiber construction make it difficult to give a precise timeline, but our goal is to begin within six months of the selection announcement.